Report a personal safety incident/concern


For immediate assistance on campus, do not complete this form. 

Depending on the nature of the incident/concern, you are recommended to contact one of the following services:
UWA Security: (+61 8) 6488 2222
Police: 131 444
Police Sex Assault Squad: (+61 8) 9428 1600

Reports submitted through this form are received by UWA Security's on-duty Job Control Officer who will assess the report to determine what action needs to be taken.  Reports are taken seriously, and once received, constitute an official record of the University and assist the University to fulfill its duty of care obligations.

At times, information from reports will be shared with other key staff of the University to ensure a coordinated response to high-risk matters. 

Unless necessary, highly personal information contained in a report will not be released.  Despite this, individuals may prefer to provide essential information only in the form below and provide a more detailed statement in-person later. 

Where an individual has a court-issued restraining order, they are encouraged to provide a copy to UWA Security to ensure their safety on campus.

In addition to completing this form, individuals may choose to access external and/or on-campus support services or lodge a complaint with UWA’s Complaint Resolution Unit.

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If you can’t remember the exact details, please include as much information as possible in the free-text field below, e.g. weekday/weekend, day/night, semester/non-semester

Please select the relevant options from the dropdown fields opposite and/or provide further details in the free-text field, e.g. if you can't recall, just include details you recall such as general location, type of room, adjacent areas

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You should only provide details that you feel comfortable including in the form. All incidents will have a follow up process - you can provide further details then to help the University to work out the best process. In serious matters, an interview will usually be offered to all persons concerned
What is your involvement in the incident/concern?

You can include anyone who was or may have been involved in the incident or who witnessed the incident. Any information you can provide will be helpful, e.g. name, gender, physical description, how you know them (if you do)

Please describe any evidence that exists or may exist in relation to the incident/your concerns. Do not be worried if you do not have any. Your account of the matter will be considered and sometimes, in interview, people identify evidence that may be able to be found. You should consider preserving physical or electronic evidence and if you are not sure what this is or how to preserve it, you can call UWA Security or the Police for advice. Documentary evidence can be uploaded in the fields below, too

A variety of formats can be uploaded. However, if you do experience any problems, you can submit evidence later or e-mail it to: [email protected]

Your details

You can make an anonymous report and/or you can lodge an anonymous complaint; however without sufficient information, the University may not be able to consider or investigate the matters you raise



A receipt and copy of your report will be sent to this email address after you press 'Submit' below

Police information (complete if relevant)

(Police phone number: 131 444)