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Personal safety advice

Contact us

For emergencies, call (+61 8) 6488 2222

If you have any doubts about your safety on campus, or would like security and safety advice contact us on telephone (+61 8) 6488 2222.

For immediate assistance for:

  • theft or assault
  • personal safety or suspicious persons
  • alarm/fire system faults
  • emission of toxic gases or chemicals
  • fire or flooding
  • bomb or phone threats
  • medical emergencies
  • equipment malfunction

Security escorts

We provide an after hours escort service to carparks, colleges and accommodation immediately adjacent to the University.

If required, please contact Security on telephone (+61 8) 6488 2222 and a uniformed officer will respond promptly to your call.

Other security groups 


Security and personal safety is a matter of common sense and awareness.

In most cases the prickly feeling you get in the back of your neck is right. Trust your instincts. If in doubt, move away.

  1. Workplace
  2. Drivers
  3. Taxis and public transport
  4. Pedestrians


  • Know where the nearest help points are in relation to your location
  • Know the location of the nearest telephone,  and pre-program the security emergency number (6488 2222) into mobile phones
  • Check the identification of repairmen or strangers in your work area
  • Do not have music turned up loudly
  • Never lend your office keys to anyone
  • Report all hazards, incidents and near misses immediately to the security emergency number (6488 2222)
  • Report all suspicious behaviour, activity, persons, objects, and vehicles to the security emergency number (6488 2222)
  • If you see something, say something - our ability to help you translates into how we can help you
  • When working late at night - lock your office and external doors, windows, and leave the passage lights on
  • Never prop external doors open while waiting to be collected to go home
  • Secure personal possessions such as wallets, phones, iPads and laptops, away in a lockable drawer in the office
  • Lock the office door even if you are only leaving for a short period - for example, morning tea time
  • When leaving for the day - lock your office windows and door, and make sure the external door is locked behind you
  • Keep petty cash locked away at all times
  • Be familiar with emergency exits

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  • Remember to lock all doors, windows and the boot prior to leaving your vehicle
  • As you approach your vehicle have your keys ready
  • Before you open the door - check the rear seat and luggage compartment
  • If someone tries to enter your vehicle while you are in the driver's seat - drive off immediately
  • If you cannot drive away, use your horn to draw attention to what is happening
  • Consider your surroundings - well-lit, busy places are obviously the best places to park
  • Shift your vehicle to a better area before dark if you are going to work late at night
  • Don't have your name, address, licence number, office building or room number on your key chain
  • Never pick up hitchhikers
  • If you break down - only open your window slightly if a 'good Samaritan' arrives ask them to call the RAC or someone to help you
  • Make sure you always have enough petrol in your vehicle
  • If you require security assistance, call 6488 2222
  • If you require a security escort to your vehicle, call 6488 2222

Parking at UWA

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Taxis and public tranpsort

  • If you use a taxi, remember the driver’s identification number displayed on the dashboard. There should also be a photo of the driver. If it is not there, don’t get in
  • A taxi may be called from the Security Office, at no cost, as Security have a direct line to the taxi computer
  • If you are catching a bus, check the timetable before leaving so that you are not waiting at the bus stop for long periods
  • Select a well-lit bus stop at night and make sure you can see the area around you

Transport to UWA

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  • Remember the locations of all the help points in your area
  • Walk in well-lit areas
  • Walk mid-point between kerbs and buildings
  • Don't use alleys or less-travelled routes between buildings
  • Avoid bushy areas
  • Check the route you will take in daylight, if possible
  • Try to walk with a group of people
  • Vary your route each evening - don’t set a pattern
  • Only carry essential credit cards and small amounts of money
  • Don’t let others see your money, especially at ATMs
  • Don't stop to give strangers directions or information - especially at night
  • Walk with confidence and keep your keys in your hand
  • If you are walking alone carry a whistle or pocket siren
  • If a bag snatcher takes your bag - do not resist - it is better to lose your bag than your life
  • If you require a security escort to your vehicle, call 6488 2222

If you suspect you are being followed:

  • Go to a help point and contact security
  • Be suspicious - keep looking behind you, so the person knows you cannot be surprised
  • Cross the street or change direction
  • Go to a well-lit area, enter a residence or building - go to a library or where there are people and phones
  • Approach a Security or Traffic Officer and request assistance (remember as much as possible)
  • If on campus - please contact Security on telephone (+61 8) 6488 3020 and a uniformed officer will respond asap.
  • Notice and remember as much as possible
  • Report any incidents to the Security immediately on 6488 2222
  • Do not wear a personal stereo or play music so loudly that you are not aware of your surroundings

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