Mass Student Access


The Mass Student Access system is the mechanism used to provide door access to enrolled students.

The MSA does not replace the previous unit-based system; it does, however, have a number of advantages over the old system, which created a unit group for every unit contained within Pheme. In particular, it puts control of the unit allocation back with each School (once the MSA group has been created and assigned to a physical door group). Previously this had to be completed by Security staff.

  1. Creating MSA groups
  2. Delegating updating ability when on leave
  3. Student access at the end of semester when the unit completes
  4. Remembering previous searches

Creating MSA groups

The following steps are required to create a MSA group.

  1. Go to the MSA site in Pheme
  2. Log in using your Pheme username and password.
  3. Select the "Create a New Group" link.
  4. Type in the name you wish to give your group. We highly recommend that you use your School abbreviation followed by a meaningful name; for example, FAHSS-Undergraduates, MEDDENT-FirstYears, and so on.
  5. An email will be generated and sent to Security.
  6. Security will create the group in Cardax and send an email to the group creator. Until the group is created in Cardax, no student data will be sent through even if units are allocated to the MSA group.
  7. Using either the simple or advanced search options, locate the required units and associate them to the relevant MSA group.

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Delegating updating ability when on leave

This is easy to do. Again, go to the MSA site in Pheme.

Once you have opened the webpage, in the "Edit Group" page, there is a link called "Group Managers". Simply select this link and enter the delegate's Pheme username or staff number.

This will allow the delegate the ability to add and remove units to the MSA group in the same manner as the group's creator.

When you return from leave, using the same link and process (as above), you have the option to remove the delegate's Pheme username or Staff number if you so choose.

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Student access at the end of semester when the unit completes

At the end of semester, the unit will be removed from Pheme (30 days after the unit’s completion date as defined in Callista). At this time, the unit will automatically be removed from the MSA group and any remaining student access deleted.

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Remembering previous searches

For an advanced or detailed query, the MSA system will remember the queries used and re-run them on a weekly basis. In the event that units are added as a result of these queries, an email is generated to the group owner advising them of the units that have been automatically added to their MSA groups.

Simple searches are not stored. If you would like to make your queries permanent, this can be done by contacting the ITS Service Desk. A ticket will be raised and your requirements documented for actioning by ITS Application Systems.

If you are having difficulties with your password, please visit the Pheme website. For all other queries, contact the Security Office.

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