When is the Security team available to me?

The University of Western Australia's Security Service team is available 24/7 to all students, staff and visitors to campus.

What services can Security help me with on campus?

UWA Security provide a range of services, including 24-hour patrolling of the campus and safety escorts, building access control, responding to incidents and emergencies, and CCTV monitoring. They can also help with information about staying safe on campus and responding to reports about any suspicious activity.

How do I contact Security?

The University's Security Service is available 24/7. You can contact Security in a number of ways:

In a life threatening emergency, always call ‘000’, then for immediate assistance call Security on 6488 2222.

For our Security Escort Service phone 6488 2222, or use one of the Help Points located in various locations across campus. The Help Point contacts our 24-hour a day Security Control Room.

In circumstances where verbal communications is not achievable – you can send a brief SMS to 0438 739 744 (maximum of 160 characters), or add “URGENT” in front of the message if immediate assistance is required.

You can also forward information or requests to [email protected] 

How do I report incidents such as a theft of my personal belongings?

To report an incident that has occurred on campus, call Security on 6488 2222.

Alternatively, you can fill out a theft/lost property report.

Where are the safest places to be on campus at night/where should I avoid?

The campus is safe, however there are preferred walk safe routes that are well lit and follow the major pedestrian paths. Download a walk safe map.

  • Avoid dark areas; walking along the edge of roads or bushed or garden areas, this avoids trip hazards and allows you to observe the path before you.
  • When on campus at night move between buildings, car parks or public transport points with friends or in a group.
  • If alone, call our Security Escort Service on 6488 2222.

What is the safest way to get to my car at night?

We provide an after-hours escort service to car parks, colleges and accommodation immediately adjacent to the University. If required, please contact our Security Service office on 6488 2222 (30 minutes prior) and a uniformed officer will respond.

Can I make an anonymous report to security?

Yes, simply fill out an online incident report form, which is available on the anonymous Complaints and Disclosures page. The link will take you to the STOPline whistleblower process, which is an external online disclosure.

Where is the security office?

The Security Office is located north of the campus in the Administration East Building. Its nearest locations are: car park 1, the Recreation Centre and Hackett Hall. Or if you are walking from the colleges via the Winthrop Underpass, it is located directly to the left as you emerge from the underpass.

What security/services are provided at the GUILD Tavern?

The GUILD Tavern is operated by the GUILD. The tavern employs a contracted security service. Staff are trained and hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol qualification.

What training have UWA security staff received?

All UWA Security Operation Officers have completed a Certificate II in Security Operations, and some the Certificate III. All have current Mental Health First Aid and First Aid. The team has wide and in-depth experience in the security industry across other universities, commercial sites, military and police service.

What is the response time for UWA security?

Security patrol staff are required to attend incidents within 15 minutes. However, may typically attend sooner, depending on the urgency of the incident.

What is a walk safe pathway?

Walk safe pathways are considered safer than others because they are well lit, patrolled more closely and connect the main activity nodes on campus. We recommend walking with company, and to use these paths, especially at night.

Help Points are also installed at various locations along these pathways. To activate a Help Point, hold your finger down on the red button until you are connected to our Security Office.

How do students go about reporting areas of concern and hazards around campus?

A hazard report form can be submitted online, by email [email protected], or phone 6488 2222. All reports are directed to UWAs Campus Management.